Show us what to do, do not tell us what not to do


"It is just to do it"

– Jarle Hem

Our activities

Our activities

At Napern you can join many activities. Either you like to cook, sew or just play a game.

Our arrangements

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Watch movies of experiences from Napern on our Youtube cannel and on our Facebook page


Its important to take care of the youth, they say.
Therefore we have created a budget to use in the benefit of the youth.The money pays trips, activities and equipment that makes good experiences.

Stasbudsjett 2023-2025
Stasbudsjett 2020-2022
kr. 3 535 803,-
Youth budget 2016-2019
NOK 2 124 250,- out of NOK 3 000 000,-

Our fantastic collaborators

In our work we are completely dependent on our good supporters to make good experiences for the youth. 
We want to give a sincere thanks to our fantastic collaborators: